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PHOENIX Home & Garden subscribers are savvy, confident consumers when it comes to researching, comparing and selecting products and services for their homes. This overarching insight is garnered from our far-reaching subscriber survey, which revealed numerous important statistical findings about our reading audience. Here are a few:

The majority shops local. Specifically, 35 percent of readers who subscribe to our magazine purchase home furnishings from retail showrooms. This was the top choice among options that included online sources, secondhand shops, catalogs and wholesale outlets. While shopping online came in second with 22 percent of respondents selecting it, the 13-point spread between this percentage and the one for home furnishing retailers is significant. Additionally, second- hand shops, which 18 percent said they frequent, and wholesale outlets, coming in at 5 percent, are typically area-based businesses, adding weight to the “shop local” side of the scale. Our subscribing readers hire professionals to get home improvement projects done correctly and efficiently. Builders and contractors are the top pros being called, but electricians, plumbers, interior designers and landscape architects and designers are also being engaged. Only 17 percent of respondents choose to do all the work themselves.

While we support using quality professionals when the job calls for it, we love and respect the hands-on attitude of our subscribers. Especially when it comes to making decisions about their well-loved and appreciated homes.

Our subscribers are confident. When we asked them whose opinion they trust when making home and garden choices, a whopping 44 percent said “my own.” The second and third top answers were “family” at 21 percent and “friends” at 20.

Happily, many of our readers say Phoenix Home & Garden is “like family or a friend.” Whew!