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Bryant Nagel Galleries: Contemporary Art at Lanning;  Native American/Southwest Art & Jewelry at Turquoise Tortoise

It takes a grand passion for art to enter the Sedona art scene as boldly as have gallery owners Thomas and Jennifer Bryant Nagel. Having taken the helm of the two most established and respected Sedona art galleries: Lanning and Turquoise Tortoise, and with plans to open a third, Eve Franc, at the same location, they are creating a destination for the finest Contemporary, Native American, Southwest and cutting-edge Fine Art – all in one convenient location.

Located at Hozho, in the heart of the Sedona Gallery District, designers and collectors, both corporate and private, will find a wealth of artworks by nationally and internationally recognized artists as well as sales consultants experienced in satisfying their needs.

Since 1986, Lanning has grown to over 3700 square feet and represents over 50 artists. The gallery has gained the distinct reputation as the finest Classic and Contemporary gallery in Sedona.  The gallery’s international, national and regional artists work in a wide range of media: paintings in oil, acrylic, mixed media; sculpture in stone, bronze, ceramic, found objects – for both indoors and outdoors; as well as hand-blown studio glass. Styles represented include: Abstract, Contemporary, Surrealist, Expressive Realism, Ashcan, Impressionist and more.

Founded in 1971 and making its home in its current Sedona location since 1981, Turquoise Tortoise is the oldest fine art gallery in Sedona. The gallery built its considerable reputation by representing top Contemporary and Traditional Native American artists and has since added top Southwest artists as well – bringing the full Southwestern experience to both collectors and designers.

The gifted artists at Turquoise Tortoise offer original fine art paintings (Abstract, Contemporary, Expressionist landscape, Narrative Realism, Navajo Iconography and more); sculptures in stone, bronze and wood; pottery; fused glass; ceramic art; meticulous replicas of Native American warshirts and headdresses; as well as an extensive line of southwestern rugs woven by top weavers amongst the renowned Zapotec Indian weavers of Oaxaca, Mexico. The gallery is also known for its dynamic selection of Native American jewelry.



Lanning Gallery represents such noted artists as:

Gregory Deane

Ted CoConis

Alfred Rogoway (1900-1990)

Bill Rane (1927-2005)

Evgeni Gordiets

C. Gregory Gummersall

Elisabett Gudmann

Randall LaGro

David Johns

Randi Solin

Kathleen Caricof

Russ Vogt

Jonathan Howard

Hans Schiebold

… and many more.


Turquoise Tortoise represents such noted artists as:

Tony Abeyta

Larry Yazzie

Stan Natchez

Baje Whitethorne, Sr.

Michael Horse

David Johns

Sharon Weiser

Redwing Nez

… and many more.