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If you want the best, then work with the best. Our award-winning landscape designers, installation crew, and management team are the best in the Valley. Since our inception in 1990, we have perfected an innovative artistic approach to creating outdoor living environments that will significantly increase the value of your property, and more importantly the quality of your life.

We create the art you live within. We view landscape as an interactive, multidimensional, living art form. It should be a unique, stimulating setting that engages the sense, sparks your imagination, and renews your spirit. Your landscape should have a timeless beauty that allows you to transcend the day-to-day, and greatly enhance your quality of life. We want you to awake in the morning with a desire to race outside to your own personal oasis.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our artistic approach to landscape design and installation. Our techniques are based on decades of successful installations that began small and grew over time to an impressive “WOW FACTOR” scale. We have built up an extensive palette to work with and we are able to pull from it on-site to create vignettes as we go. In the beginning stages, we walk you through a clear plan of the elevations in the yard and the placement of the focal vignettes that will create the flow through you landscape journey.

Our Process

Our process is unique to the industry. Our clients love the attention to detail and amazing personalized catered approach. From the moment you set foot in our showroom to tour our private nursery, you begin to feel the difference. The landscape artist and project manager are able to make changes on the spot if they feel another cactus or plant size with create a more cohesive vignette or spectacular effect. We are completely invested in each project and enjoy having the freedom to create as we go to produce something special for each client. By getting a deep understanding of our client’s desires, we are able to work our magic, using the skills of our talented designers to produce the best possible dream scenario.


Our Private Nurseries

At Desert Foothill Landscape, we believe that a client’s involvement and hands-on interaction with their landscape project is essential to creating the perfect oasis. Our award-winning designers work with you to bring every detail of your vision to life. A huge benefit of having Desert Foothills Landscape handle your project is that you’ll have access to our exclusive private nurseries, which includes some of the most spectacular cacti specimens found anywhere. We own two private nurseries of unique succulent and cacti specimen, which are exclusively reserved for our design clients. We do not sell wholesale or retail from these facilities. Because every specimen on-site is carefully selected by our own buyers or grown at our own facilities, we have access to some of the rarest and most revered desert cactus life ready to thrive on your personal property.

Take a walk around and you’ll immediately see that this is far removed from your average nursery. Hundreds upon hundreds of handpicked rare and exotic shrubs, trees, succulents, and unique specimen cacti are here for your choosing. Only you and your designer are privileged to create your dream in our showroom, then browse and select just the right plants from our private nursery for your custom design.

Come in and experience first hand the specimens interacting with other elements of the landscape. You will truly get the feel of how your finished project will look. With so many options and materials to choose from, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the final results.

Our Designers

We have the most talented landscape design team in Arizona. Our designers have graced the covers of Phoenix Home & Garden and Luxe Magazine.We were recently awarded the 2017 Masters of the Southwest Award by Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine for earning the title ‘Best Landscape Designer in Arizona’. As a native of Arizona, Chad Norris (VP of Sales/Lead Designer) has over 15 years of desert landscape design experience, and is the recipient of the Phoenix Home & Garden2017 Masters of the Southwest Award. Chad has an innate skill when it comes to desert plants and using them to create jaw-dropping environments that make homeowners want to live outdoors year-round. With a specialty in water and fire design features, Jake Plocher (Hardscape Design Specialist) has made a name for himself in the design community creating unique works of art. With over 20 years of landscape design experience, Jake’s enthusiasm is endless as he looks forward to realizing the client’s desert dreams. With over 15 years in the landscape industry, Kevin Lafferty (Sales Consultant / Designer) has a deep knowledge of desert plant material, irrigation systems, and hardscape. Kevin enjoys meeting with clients and designing an awesome environment with lots of texture & visual interest that accentuates their beautiful home. Our president, Aaron Clark, was featured in Lawn & Landscape Magazinefor creating a culture of teamwork that drives the company’s success and growth, and has also been featured in City Sun Times, Luxe Magazine & Exclusive of Terravita Magazine.