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“As an Interior designer and accomplished musician, I like to think of interior design as an elaborate classical music composition. In music, texture describes the complexity of the composition. I apply this same concept to interior design, using textures as the key to a successful creative design. I intentionally strive to create my design solutions by layering ideas and leitmotiv; using recurrent rhythm in fabric & colors, adding contrast through scale, boldness, sophistication and unexpected colors. Indeed, this formula captivates the senses and triggers the desired emotional response. I also love to use embellishments and dynamic accents. Usually, I achieve this through the combination of different periods of furniture and styles, specific details and refinements, and playing with negative and positive space. I complete the composition with indirect, decorative, and accent lighting, combined with specialty surface finishes. This is my way of creating intensity and drama through Design!”

Esther Boivin’s style combines traditional elegance with a warm contemporary sensibility, bringing out the highest level of interpretation. Her dynamic qualities are expressed in every aspect of her design execution. Always pleasing, the stylistic and esthetic needs are met first, and only thereafter, will she assure functional need. Her confidence and ability to combine furniture style, scales, colors, and textures, elevated by her incredible taste and impeccable interpretation to bring perfect answers to your highest expectations. It is a joyful and exuberant experience for all the senses!


Raised in the refined, multicultural, and colorful landscape of Montreal, Esther Boivin became inspired at an early age. Her first memories of interior design projects began with her sister’s rooms. She was fascinated by shape and utilitarian pieces, which she would find in the most unexpected places (such as the families barn) and would arrange and match antiques, and used furniture debris, highlighting any room she touched. Rich traditions and esthetics instilled from her French heritage, the sister’s tactfully decorated rooms grabbed the attention of relatives, neighbors, and friends. Decorated room requests became decorating house requests, until she became driven and inspired for more. Inspirations led to travel. Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Africa. Travels led to understanding cultures, traditions, and their “secrets.” All of this culminated in defining Esther Boivin and her signature design for Boldness, Exuberance, and Sophistication.