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Great design responds to a client’s vision and navigating the process requires a special team.

Success in interior design is measured in many ways. Simply put, the sum of Lori Carroll’s success has been hard work and dedication to her profession. Even after 35 years, Lori’s accomplishments are still fueled by her infinite creativity, marketing insight and as Tucson’s 2015Women of Influence – Female Business Owner of TheYear, the honor of owning one of the areas most recognized businesses.

Lori Carroll’s standing as an esteemed interior designer precedes her. When she launched her own firm, Lori never predicted the level of success she would achieve.  From ASID Best of Show to NKBA’s Kitchen of the Year, Lori’s recognition comes from enriching lives, one space at a time. Rewarded with125+ local, national and international awards, the publicity she garners from her accomplishments echo across multi-media outlets worldwide. Lori has a reputation for delivering what she calls “the ultimate design experience.” Whether designing a residential space or place of business, she doesn’t believe in over-designing; preferring a simplistic, less is more approach for just the right look.

Of course designers dream about uncovering ground-breaking design concepts, landing multi-million dollar contracts or even designing for celebrities, but Lori Carroll remains committed to the community that has supported her for over three decades. Besides being one of the Southwest’s most prominent designers, Lori is always ready to give back. Humbly working behind the scenes on projects like a non-profit soccer clubhouse or philanthropic fundraising toward preservation of an Arizona landmark, Lori’s name might remain unspoken but her talent still shines brightly.