Natural Wood Edge Creations

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An Experience in Tactile and Visual Beauty.

We use wood and stone with a sense of architecture, style and imagination to create each work so it’s natural beauty and qualities flourish. Each work is an experience in tactile and visual beauty. We create custom pieces that fit your specific requirements. You are invited to be a part of the process starting with the selection of the wood from our inventory which comes from around the world; South American, Asia, Europe, African and the U.S. and Canada. And if we don’t have it in stock we can get it!

Every “live edge” piece is a process of carefully selecting the wood and stone from quality sources. Each piece is meticulously planned from preparation and cleaning to sculpting and sanding to the inlay material and finish

We also have a limited stock of unique one of a kind live edge tables and art work. Please contact us with any questions you have or if you need more information.