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Monthly Online and Live Auctions Featuring Antiques, Art, Jewelry, Collectibles, Home Décor, Firearms and MORE!

Are you looking to design your home in a way that speaks to your flare for one-of-a-kind or high-end items?  Do you consider yourself a treasure-hunter that will scour both online and brick and mortar stores to find that perfect show-stopping piece? All while staying on budget?  If this is you, then Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions in Historic Avondale in the Phoenix Metro area is the treasure trove you have been searching for!

We invite you to enjoy discovering find after rare and unique find on our ever-updated online auction site. Each item is professionally photographed and offers a detailed description and history. If you are not local to Arizona, you can bid with confidence online, and we even offer professional packing and shipping on most items. If you crave the excitement of bidding in person you will want to experience the twice monthly live auctions at the Pot Of Gold Auction House. You can come early to see the items that have caught your fancy and reserve a prime spot to view each lot as it comes up for bid on one of our large screen televisions. The Pot Of Gold’s Auctioneers are award winning champions in their industry and promise to make it a fun and exciting evening!  Worried about being an auction novice…don’t be. One of the Pot Of Gold staff will make sure you are completely comfortable with how to bid and the auctioneers are easy to understand and follow. They move fast enough to keep it exciting and engaging but not too fast for a first-time bidder.

We are a generational family-owned business and that is what we want you to feel like…family!  We pride ourselves on making auction night an event for our guests. We treat you with fresh, warm, cookies throughout the night and if you would like to buy dinner with the show, you can find a gourmet food truck right out front ready to offer you wonderful culinary delights. We are not your grandparents’ stuffy auction house. We are lively and fun and a social event not to be missed. Owners, Dan and Cheryl Todd, will be there to greet you personally. Their daughter, Cassie, who manages the auction house, will make sure you have everything you need to have a memorable experience. Most people tell us that by the night’s end they feel as thou they have spent the evening with a group of new friends.

Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations and Auctions travel the country to provide our shoppers with a variety of items from virtually every decade and every corner of the planet. No matter your style or budget you are certain to find that special piece you have been searching for, or maybe never knew you just couldn’t live without!  Some of the amazing treasures you will find in our auctions are antiques, collectables, art, glassware, sculptures, fine rugs, furniture, vintage signage, taxidermy, collectable toys, company memorabilia, juke boxes, items from every country and culture, and unique and vintage home décor treasures that are sure to become conversation pieces in your home. We also specialize in popular-to-collect items such as jewelry, coins, firearms, motorcycles, cars, boats and more.

If you are looking for a complete ‘facelift’ from your current design style Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations is the first call you should make. We accept full and partial estates for liquidations as well as single items. Consigning with Pot Of Gold is easy…you chose the items you would like to turn into cash and we do the rest. Our owner, Dan Todd, will come to you if you would like to consign several pieces or even an entire estate. We are available to discuss your unique needs Monday through Friday from 10:00-5:00. To make it even easier, you can email us photos of the pieces you are interested in consigning and we will go over each one and contact you with the next steps. Email us at Auctions@PotOfGoldEstate.com with your photos and let us go to work for you. It is as simple as that, we do the rest!

We professionally photograph your items, pen a beautifully written description, and list your items on our national auction site PotOFGoldEstate.com. People from all over the country will see and be able to bid on your pieces.  We are experts at bringing you top dollar for your collectables. We always go the extra mile to advertise your consignments to our thousands of existing customers and will contact known collectors and museums for those very special treasures.  You can watch the progress of your items online as buyers begin to bid and we will send you a check the day after the auction closes.

The owners, Dan and Cheryl, also work with families and fiduciaries when an estate is being liquidated due to a life change. They are extremely respectful of how difficult these situations can be and will treat you and the estate with dignity and sensitivity. It is times like these when their 60 plus years of combined experience is the most valuable to our customers. The revenue that can come from a person’s estate can mean all the difference to the family. That is why it is critical to chose trusted partners such as Pot Of Gold.

Whether you are searching for that rare find or considering selling items at auction to update your look, everyone at Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions is at your service. We will provide you with professional and knowledgeable guidance to ensure the most rewarding outcome that can only result from working with true experts in the field. We look forward to delighting you with our extensive collection of valuable and eclectic wares and hope you becoming part of the family very soon!