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Unique Home Furnishings

We are not a warehouse or online importer. We are Santa Fe Saavy, Unique Home Furnishings and for over 25 years, have crafted the finest custom furniture and unique furnishings in the Valley.

Unique because we can build in any style

From the finest in the comfortable styles of the Southwest to richly carved or sleek contemporary.

Unique because our craftsmen can build with any wood

Mesquite, knotty alder, old maple, teak or mahogany or anything you select. What is right for your project?

Unique because of our artisans’ fine attention to detail

Unique finishes such as stain, paint, rub, wash, glaze, oil or polish. Bring us a sample – we’ll match it!

Unique because our upholsterer is unmatched

From dining room chairs to custom ottomans to beautifully made accent pillows. His eye for detail is unparalleled.

Unique because we proudly create it all, right here, in Arizona!

We do not import, outsource or resell. All of the pieces from Santa Fe Saavy are one of a kind unique home furnishings, made locally!