Portrait by Paul Markow. Fashion courtesy Escada. Hair and make-up by Diane Aiello. Location, Royal Palms Resort and Spa, Scottsdale.


To strive for excellence is a noble endeavor. if the more than 1,200 listings in this directory are any indication, that is an everyday goal for a large number of businesses here in the Valley and in our region. While I haven’t actually counted, it would be safe to say that words like “best,” “top” or “premier” appear in at least two-thirds of the business summaries provided to us for publication. Yes, we know that each company is promoting itself, but it is also apparent that one needs a high standard of service, products and skills in order to be successful in this marketplace.

We here at Phoenix Home & Garden also strive for excellence. In the case of Top Design Sources, that goal is safely in the hands of our Listings Editor, Judy Harper. Judy has been responsible for creating each listing since the year 2000. Conservatively, she has edited about 20,000 individual summaries that include a business description—which often has a personal quote in it—plus location and contact info, which is verified numerous times. She also notes if a person has been recognized by our magazine’s coveted Masters of the Southwest award. Judy begins this task 12 months prior to our production deadlines, calling, emailing and phoning each business up to five times. She is a dedicated, diligent and detail-oriented professional who we are fortunate to have on our team.

As you strive for excellence in your home, we hope that this publication helps you to create tasteful interiors, eye-pleasing landscaping and outdoor areas, and also guides you to the design professionals who can make your dreams a reality.

Karol DeWulf Nickell
Editor in Chief